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Emery County News

Emery County gets scammed by scheme in Florida

Press release Emery County Sheriff's Office

The joy of scout camp?

The joys of scout camp. Sand in your food, burned food, sunburn and fun. The Ferron scouts spent a week at scout camp. The purpose of scout camp in addition to staying up late and bothering your scout leaders you are supposed to earn merit badges tow...

Rocketeers from around the world gather in Green River

For the last 11 years Green River has been the site for the annual intercollegiate rocket competition. The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association has hosted the event since 2006. The competition started out with just a few teams and has grown to ov...

Commissioners hear complaint about tippage fee

Neva Strong attended commission meeting to discuss her opposition to landfill tippage fees. She said she lives in Castle Dale. There are places in our community that need to be cleaned up, but residents may be deterred from cleaning up due to the cos...

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