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Sheriff Guymon and Commissioner Kofford lose seats in county election

Voters in Ferron cast their votes on election day.


Emery County voters went to the polls on Nov. 2 and when the votes were counted long time 36 year Sheriff LaMar Guymon was unseated by challenger Greg Funk. Commissioner Jeff Horrocks retained his seat over challenger Ed Geary and incumbent Commissioner Gary Kofford was unseated by Republican challenger JR Nelson. Other county seats ran unopposed and incumbents all retained their seats including; clerk/auditor Brenda Tuttle; treasurer Steven Barton; recorder Dixie Swasey, and county attorney David Blackwell.

Emery County voter totals include: Senate Mike Lee-2581 to Sam Granato-823; US Congress Morgan Philpot-1647 to Jim Matheson-2030; Governor Gary Herbert-2,844 to Peter Corroon 772; Christine Watkins-223 for State Rep. 69; Kay McIff-2675 to 473 for LS Brown; County Commissioner A- JR Nelson 2,628 to Gary Kofford 1,119; County Commissioner B Jeff Horrocks-2,605 to Edward Geary 1,151; county sheriff Greg Funk-2,532; LaMar Guymon 1,275.

Registered voters in the county include 6,428 citizens of those 3,851 cast cards for a voter turnout of 59.91 percent.

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