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Local racer helps win the border war with Colorado

The three superkart racers involved in winning the border war with Colorado: Johnny Lindquist, Austin Versteeg, and Keenan Schmitke.

Staff writer

Johnny Lindquist of Castle Dale was recently involved in a Border War between Colorado and Utah and he helped his teammates take control. The Border War was held Oct. 16-17 at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway between the best superkart racers in Utah and those in Colorado.

Prior to the race, the officials settled on the race rules and the competition was on. The Border War trophy would be handed to the winners of the most points to be determined by the fastest qualifier, heat time, and main event winner in three separate classes. These classes are TAG Cadet, TAG Senior, and S2. A total of nine points was up for grabs in the two day race.

When the competition began in earnest on Sunday, Colorado driver Tate Holloran drove away with the first point of the race. Utah's Austin Versteeg took the first point for Utah by crossing the line first in the heat race, then collected Utah's second point in the main event.

Then came the TAG Senior race between Lindquist and Colorado's Sabre Cook. With the first point going to Cook, Lindquist then roared into action and he won the next two points in the heat and main event, putting Utah up four-two.

The final three points of the race would determine where the Border War trophy would reside for the upcoming year. Colorado drivers took the first two points to make the score four-four. The final main event race of the day held the location of the trophy. Utah's Keenan Schmitke raced hard to come away with the main event point and clinch the first annual Border War for Utah.

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