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Festive Friday celebrates Halloween and makes necklaces

Mini doughnuts are adorned with party favors to add to the festive Halloween atmosphere.

Staff writer

Christine Jensen and Barbra Jones welcomed a large crowd to the Festive Friday held in October. The theme was Round Tuit and a 'round tuit' was given to each person who attended.

Many great ideas for Halloween entertaining were given with cheese balls, or Frankenstein and pumpkin shaped cheese balls, and crackers being served along with the Best Ever Sloppy Joes.

The cheese balls were made from eight ounces of cream cheese mixed with two cups sharp cheddar cheese. The cheese balls were colored with food coloring, depending on which one was made, and decorated with fresh vegetables and olives. Frankenstein had olive slices for hair, red pepper slices for his mouth, and carrot rings for his eyes. The pumpkin had a dill pickle for the stem.

Cassie Thatcher led the craft portion of the day which was making a washer necklace. Ordinary hardware washers were used, then covered with scrapbook paper, and coated with Diamond Glaze. A string and beads were added when the necklace was dry to complete the inexpensive, cute jewelry.

The next Festive Friday will be held Nov. 19 at noon in the courthouse on the second floor. It is sponsored by the Utah State University Extension office in Emery County.

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