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San Rafael Bulldogs win championship over Canyon View

Front row: Tuckett Allred, Hunter Jeffries, Ceasar Garcia, Kevin Butler, Korwin McPherren, Jeff Clark, Spencer Fauver, Kasey Morris, Davey Higbee, McCoy Hurst, Derrick Dawes, and Mykel Riddle. Middle row: Coach Jarett Gilbert, Teray Migliori, Evan Swenson, Abby Jacobsen, Mark DeBry, Tyson Roper, Ashton Palacios, Carson Healy, Daniel Smith, Mitch Richarz, Hadley Cloward, Bryce Dugmore, Cezly Collard, Austin Jeffs, Hunter Hatch, and Coach Yory Allred. Back row: Kelton Price, Kaden Oakeson, Wyatt Payne, Charlie Turner, Coach Shon Roper, and Andrew Gilson.

Sports writer

The local junior high schools just completed the 2010 football season with San Rafael Junior High out of Ferron winning the championship this season.

San Rafael defeated Canyon View junior high school out of Huntington the last week of the season 37-22 to grab the title.

Canyon View and San Rafael were tied going into the ball game with the winner guaranteed the championship. Canyon View had defeated San Rafael in their match-up earlier in the season by the score of 22-14.

San Rafael finishes the season with a 6-1 record. They defeated Mont Harmon of Price twice and Helper Junior High twice in the season.

The Bulldogs had also defeated Moab early in the year. Canyon View finished with a 4-2 record with Mont Harmon third and Helper finishing fourth.

Coach Yory Allred thought "that his team had executed well throughout the season, that he had a bunch of smart players on his team." His team consisted of mostly younger players with only four ninth graders seeing significant time.

Allred singled out several players that he thought had a great season. Casey Morris was his best back although Collard did really well also. Spencer Fauver was his best lineman and Allred thought he would do well at the high school next season. Tyson Roper also played well throughout the season.

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