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Congratulates candidates

By Edward A. Geary


I entirely concur with Editor Patsy Stoddard's words of appreciation for Sheriff LaMar Guymon's long, devoted, and highly capable service to the citizens of Emery County. He will indeed be missed, not only by his friends and supporters but, in time, by many who voted against him in the recent election. I would also like to express appreciation to Commissioner Gary Kofford. Although he has not been in office as long as Sheriff Guymon, he has devoted himself intelligently and wholeheartedly to public service. His capacity for hard work and his detailed knowledge of the issues facing county government will be difficult to replace.

Still, we must remember that in our democratic republic an elected office is not a "job" in the usual sense. It is a public trust invested in individuals for a fixed term. At the end of that term, they must go to the voters to have their service either renewed or terminated. The voters are not required to give reasons, good or bad, for their choices. The majority gets the government it deserves. I congratulate Commissioner Horrocks, Commissioner-elect Nelson, and Sheriff-elect Funk on their very impressive election victories. I also congratulate the other county officials, who were re-elected without opposition (although I wish that those offices, too, had been contested). Such an overwhelming electoral mandate carries with it a heavy burden of responsibility. Over the next four years, we citizens will be watching closely to evaluate the wisdom of the policies and the quality of leadership provided by our county officials in these perilous times. If we are not satisfied (or if we are), there will be another opportunity to vote in 2014.

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