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Make your voice heard

By Bill and Karen Dellos


On Nov. 2, the people of Emery County used their right to vote and sent a clear, loud voice that they wanted changes as citizens of Emery County. These people were registered as Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and unaffiliated.

Candidates run for a position every four years and every four years the candidates take a chance and hope to be re-elected. Some people are re-elected for one, two or several terms. Elected positions are not given as a permanent position for a person to keep as long as he would like. Sooner or later the people will want a change. Changes are part of our life, like it or not. The people of Emery County listened to all of the candidates and used their right and privilege to vote and move on and should not be criticized. Those who did not vote do not have the right to complain.

LaMar Guymon will be retiring after 36 years of dedicated work. We can appreciate the good things he has done. His retirement will be generous after serving for 36 years. There are not many people that are re-elected that many times and receive a decent retirement.

I would like to thank Gary Kofford for the work and time he has given to better Emery County in his eight years of service.

When Jan. 3, 2011 rolls around Emery County will have new leaders. These men will bring changes. They have the determination and ability to continue making Emery County the best place to live. We, as citizens of Emery County, need to continue to support all of our elected officials and help them accomplish the great future that lies ahead for Emery County. These individuals have our full support.

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