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Why didn't you vote

By Wade Allinson


What did Emery County do? 3,851 of the citizens voted. It is as simple as that, regardless of who we voted for, we voted. A right that has been granted to us by brave Americans who have fought battles from Valley Forge and Bull Run to Afghanistan to allow us this basic principle of freedom. Voting is a privilege that clearly draws a line in the sand between democracy and socialism. When we lose the right to vote without duress or coercion, America will no longer be the home of the free.

A big thanks to the 3,851 citizens of Emery County who took the time out of their day to vote. In voting each one of you chose to honor those who fought and may be currently fighting for that right. You honored many brave men and women who paid the ultimate price of freedom. Regardless of whom you voted for, thanks.

Perhaps the question should have been asked, why did Emery County only have a 59.91 percent voter turnout? What happened to the 2,577 registered voters that did not vote? Could 2,577 more votes make a difference? I would propose that every vote counts regardless if the person you voted for wins or loses.

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