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It's your money by Mark Justice

While browsing on the internet the other morning reading the news, weather, sports and financial sections I came across what I thought was a most interesting item by Countrymom, titled How to Appear Wealthy. Most of the following is from that article.

Never discuss money with anyone other than your spouse or financial advisor. Quite frankly it's no one else's business what or how much or little money you make. Discussing money will make you look foolish and either greedy or impoverished. Most of the time people are not interested and also find it boring and or rude.

You don't have to be rich to have matching clothing. Keep your clothing clean and well mended. Take time to press your clothing and wear the proper undergarments. Golly Gee. I wish someone would of told me that years ago. Any one who knows me knows that I am not a preppy dresser.

My darling wife does her best to try to make me look respectable but she is fighting a losing battle. I remember years ago at CEU walking done the hall and two classmates bursting into laughter and then teasingly explaining to me that stripes and plaids don't go together.

Get rid of excess. Getting rid of excess things in and around your house will clean things up and make them appear neater. It will be easier to maintain and you will seem to be wealthier if you are neater and tidier. Have a yard sale or better yet box them up and give them to charity.

I certainly have a little work to do here as I am a hoarder and reluctant to discard almost anything while my wife is extremely neat and tidy. What did she ever see in me? I am just lucky I guess.

Lastly You don't have to drive a big fancy car, however, you do have to keep your car clean and in top running condition. Many wealthy folks do not have the latest model car but they do have them clean and neat, and remember most importantly to never try to keep up with the Joneses...they are broke too they just don't want you to know it.

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