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Local Scouts honor Veterans with program

Marvin Gardner dons his uniform and attends the Veteran's program sponsored by the scouts from Castle Dale Stake.

Guest Writer

The Veterans Day Program at Castle Dale Elementary School was held the evening of Nov. 11. Mike Scow opened the meeting by announcing the Veterans Day program. He said it was a celebration of those who have done so much for us by serving in the armed services. Dave Brinkerhoff a Veteran and a member of the Utah Highway Patrol gave the opening prayer.

The flag ceremony and the pledge of allegiance was led by the Boy Scouts of America local troop. The Emery High School Choir presented a wonderful special musical number entitled "You Raise Me Up".

The Veterans video tribute by Wayne Roberts was shown by Willie Frisbie. For many years Frisbie has played taps on his trumpet at the funerals of veterans. In the awards ceremony veterans in the audience were asked to stand as their branch of service was called.

Then each veteran received a certificate of honor handed out by the Scouts. The statement on the Certificate of Honor read as follows: "This certificate is presented in recognition and grateful appreciation for your service in the United States Armed Forces in the name of freedom and democracy, and for allegiance to God and country in courageously protecting our liberty and independence."

Scow then spoke of the reasons why we celebrate Veterans Day and thanked those who have served and are serving their country. "Thanks to all those who fought for and willingly sacrificed to protect the freedoms of this great country," said Scow.

Following the close of the program refreshments were served.

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