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Big Change for the Grub Box Drive-In


Julie Robinson, new owner and Jolene Winn, retiring owner of the Grub Box.

Larry and Jolene Winn of Ferron have owned and managed the Grub Box Drive Inn for more than 18 years. The couple migrated to Emery County in the spring of 1984. Without jobs the couple took a leap of faith by buying the Grub Box Drive-In. Neither one of them knew exactly what it took to run a business, or cook fast food. The family of four spent long days nights mastering the technique of shaking shakes and flipping burgers. But when it came down to it, Jolene was the person with the knack. Jolene's good personality, leadership skills, multitasking nature and superb cooking made the Grub Box a success. Before long Larry pursued his employment elsewhere while Jolene continued to rake in the customers. There was a time when the Grub Box was famous for its homemade bread and pizza. The newest creation and success is the "Fat Boy Cheeseburger" it's a half a pound of meat and sure to satisfy the hungriest people.

Behind the food, is the Grub Box's greatest attribute, Jolene. She always put a smile on the customers face as she greeted them. The late Gladys Bernsen would put on her black fur coat and handkerchief to walk two blocks morning, afternoon and evening just to visit and eat a "foot long" at the Grub Box. The Grub Box was a not just a diner to Gladys, it was home. The late pharmacist Darryl Peterson would walk from the Ferron Merc and Drug every day to have a chicken dinner and visit Jolene. Mervin and Ruth Duncan drive at least once a day from Molen to have a treat while visiting Jolene. The list could go on and on. Friends gather early in the afternoon to late in the evening. Through the Grub Box Jolene has been able to touch many lives and made many friends.

With the New Year comes change. The Grub Box establishment is changing ownership. Julie Robinson will be the new owner and manager starting Jan. 1.

Robinson started working at the Grub Box two months after Winn bought the business. Her qualifications and experience rank high. Without a doubt the Grub Box will continue to serve the people of Ferron with laughter, tears and food.

However Winn will never be replaced. Her legacy of friendliness and fabulous food will be greatly missed.

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