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Praise for Judge's decision

By Ted "Little t" Allen

Dear Editor,

I recently attended court in the courtroom of the Honorable Judge Douglas Thomas. As usual for Judge Thomas he had a very full courtroom and a day full of listening and trying to serve the best justice to the given case he was listening to. I had one case I was particularly interested in. This case concerned one of the worst crimes in my opinion, that being the abuse of a child. This case was a case of sexual abuse against children in the perpetrators own home.

Judge Thomas had this case in front of him for several months. These cases seem to take a great amount of time for any resolve. This one was no different, not counting the time the children had to endure the abuse; the case appeared before Judge Thomas six different times. I sometimes wonder why our judicial system works the way it does. That however is not the reason of this letter. This letter is to comment on the outcome of this trial.

Once the Public Defender David Allred finished with his statements and presenting his case. Then listening to the State Attorney David Blackwell statements and present his case. Judge Thomas then had the trying position of handing out a sentence to the accused of his crimes. On this particular case I was very pleased to hear a just and severe sentence given. One that Judge Thomas should be commended for giving. He listened to the facts and sentenced this individual to the strictest sentence that he could.

I commend Judge Thomas for a job well done that day in sentencing one of the worst types of criminals to the strictest sentence he could give that day.

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