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Everyone has a right to their own opinion

By Cheryl Keener
Green River


This letter is in response to the opinion of Keith Johnson of Green River in the Nov. 23, Emery County Progress.

Mr. Johnson you seem to have overlooked the right for everyone to have their own opinion. That even includes you. We may not agree with what someone else says but that doesn't mean they don't have the right to say it. Patsy Stoddard has the same right as you and I to have an opinion.

You are correct about the voters of Emery County casting well informed and rational ballots, but you seem to think that the voters who cast their ballots for Sheriff Guymon could not put aside emotional dribble. I don't believe the people that voted for Sheriff Guymon were thinking about him being entitled to their vote but thought he did deserve it. Just as the people that voted for Greg Funk felt he deserved their vote.

I have never heard Sheriff Guymon once state that he was owed the position of Sheriff or that he deserved to be re-elected until he was ready for retirement. He has worked hard for our county for many years and I believe that is what Patsy Stoddard was saying.

Greg Funk is not the only candidate that used money out of his own family budget. Every person running a campaign used mostly their own money. Party donations from the political parties are divided between all the candidates running from that party.

As a "devoted employee" of Emery County, I do work for the people of Emery County. I don't know of anyone who has stated that they could not or would not work for the new sheriff. January will bring forth a period of adjustment for the new sheriff as well as the employees of the sheriff's office. This is not something to be blamed on Sheriff Guymon, the employees of the sheriff's office or sheriff elect Greg Funk. Anytime there are changes there is a period of adjustment. We will work through them.

I don't like some of the things you said, but I defend your right to say them just as I feel Patsy Stoddard has the right to her own opinion. She didn't say she was speaking for the paper or for anyone else just herself.

I do say thank you Sheriff Guymon for the years and service you have given Emery County.

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