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New Year business

Justice Court Judge Steven Stream, Treasurer Steven Barton, County Recorder Dixie Swasey, Clerk/Auditor Brenda Tuttle, County Assessor Kris Bell, County Attorney David Blackwell, Commissioner Jeff Horrocks and County Sheriff Greg Funk take their oath of office on Jan. 3 at noon.


The first business of 2011 for Emery County was the swearing in of the newly elected officials and those re-elected to office. On Jan. 3 at noon the swearing in took place. James Nelson is a newly elected county commissioner and Jeff Horrocks is returning to the commission for his second term of office. Greg Funk was sworn in to the office of Emery County Sheriff for his first term. County Attorney David Blackwell was sworn in to begin his fifth term in office.

Brenda Tuttle begins her second term as clerk/auditor; Dixie Swasey begins her fifth term as county recorder and Steven Barton begins his third term as county treasurer. Kris Bell begins her third term as the county assessor. Steven Stream was sworn in as justice court judge. He began this position on Jan. 3, 2005.

Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth as the only county elected official remaining in office swore in the other elected officials. Pitchforth is in the middle of her first term as county commissioner.

After the swearing in ceremony a reception was held with refreshments and the officials visited with family and friends as they welcomed in the new year and a new term of office.

Commissioner elect Nelson was unable to be sworn in at this time due to a vacation out of the country. He will be sworn in when he returns to Emery County.

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