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Canyon View wins tourney

The winning wrestling team from Canyon View Junior High.

Sports writer

Just before the holidays set in, the CVAA held the junior high regional wrestling tournament for the four local junior highs. Canyon View won the tournament with Helper Junior High coming in second. Here are the results of that tournament.

At 75 pounds, Cole Stoddard, Canyon View, defeated Trey Crider, Mont Harmon 6-2. Kyler Magann, Mont Harmon finished third.

At 81 pounds, McKoy Christiansen, San Rafael, pinned Anthony Archuletta, Helper. Robbie Baker, Canyon View finished third.

At 87 pounds, Chad Collard, San Rafael, defeated Chandler Boyd, Mont Harmon, 16-0. Jack Byrge, Helper, defeated Austin Allred, Canyon View, for third.

At 93 pounds, David Bird, Canyon View, pinned Justin Jennings to win. Ignacio Arrien, San Rafael, pinned Mitch Olsen, Helper, for third.

At 99 pounds, Jax Gardner, Canyon View, pinned Chance Thompson, Canyon View for the win. Bryce Dugmore, San Rafael, pinned Taylor Griffeth, Mont Harmon, for third.

At 105 pounds, Johnny O'Hearon, Helper, pinned Jason Anderson, Canyon View, for the win. Abram Hadfield, Canyon View, pinned Cody Davis, Mont Harmon, for third.

At 111 pounds, Ryan Cox, San Rafael, defeated Taylon Abeyta, Mont Harmon, 19-1. Kallon Curtis, Canyon View, pinned Braidon Bishop, Canyon View, for third.

At 118 pounds, Cameron Allred, Canyon View, defeated Grayson Uruttia, Helper, 10-6. Jared Shakespaere, San Rafael, pinned Logan Olsen, Mont Harmon, for third.

At 124 pounds, Cody Riley, Helper, decisioned Ryan Atwood, Helper, 8-6. Hans Guymon, Canyon View, pinned Matt Mecham, Canyon View, for third.

At 132 pounds, Dakota Curtis, Canyon View, defeated Jesse Collins, Helper, 10-8. Caleb Uruttia, Helper, pinned Cammeron Westenskow, San Rafael, for third.

At 140 pounds, Kyle Barrett, Mont Harmon, pinned Garret Marsing, Helper. Dillon Demont, Canyon View, pinned Peyton Fausett, Mont Harmon.

At 148 pounds, Tyson Austin, Mont Harmon, pinned Kasey Morris, San Rafael.Rylan Brinkerhoff, Helper, pinned Tonya Jones, Mont Harmon.

At 155 pounds, Dominic Rondinelli, Canyon View, pinned Austin Thorngrin, Helper. Jason Rubio, San Rafael, pinned Oscar Flores, Canyon View, for third.

At 165 pounds, Slayde Childs, Canyon View, pinned JD Birch, Mont Harmon. Joey Julander, San Rafael, pinned McCoy Hurst, San Rafael, for third.

At 175 pounds, AJ Barnett, Helper, pinned Rhett Rhodes, Mont Harmon. Tanner Lake, Canyon View, pinned Caleb Nelson, Mont Harmon, for third.

At heavyweight, Tuckett Allred, San Rafael, pinned Marcus Santo, Helper. Colton Ruden, Mont Harmon, pinned Brendon Gordon, Canyon View, for third.

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