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Huntington discusses possible sites for fire station

Sports writer

The Huntington City Council had an abbreviated meeting in December as they prepared for the holidays. The city staff Christmas party followed the council meeting at the town hall.

Two items on the agenda were the approval of issuing business licenses to new businesses in town. The first was Kurt's Classic Barber Shop located on 125 North Main Street, the prior location of Diamond's Barber Shop. The second was Hilary's Tai Yi Healing, located in a home on 400 North.

Bennett Gunderson has been taking the steps to have his property located at 155 East 500 South annexed into the city and it looks like the steps have finally been completed and the council voted to proceed with the annexation.

The council voted to approve the proposed meeting schedule of the city council and also of the planning and zoning commission for calendar year 2011.

The city, last month, made the decision to locate a new fire station on Canyon Road here in town. The council, at the request of a couple of citizens, decided to revisit the issue. There have been two other property owners that have approached the city about using their property besides the three looked at last month.

Members of the county EMS also wanted to approach the city again to re-utter their opinion of which piece of property would make them the happiest. They listed pros and cons for all the property as they see it. They believe there is more traffic on Canyon Road rather than on Main Street. They also believe that locating the new station in the south of the city would cause a delay in response time even though they often wait for the arrival of EMTs from the Cleveland-Elmo area. The council listened intently, asked questions of the presenters and then tabled the discussion until next month.

The council encouraged the zoning administrator to continue enforcing city ordinances so that clean up in the city will continue improving.

The administrator reported that a couple of people are still trying to fight the system and do things their way, the council instructed the administrator to do all that necessary to bring the properties into compliance.

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