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The Skyline Cooperative Weed Management Area To Hold Annual Meeting

The Skyline CWMA will hold its Annual Meeting on Feb. 2 at 10 a.m. at the Price Ambulance building, 1550 East Airport Rd. Price.

The Skyline CWMA is made up of the Carbon and Emery County Weed Departments, the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, the Castleland Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc., the Utah Division of Fire, Forestry and State Lands, Carbon and Emery USU Extension, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the State Institutional Trust Lands, Price River and San Rafael Conservation Districts, and the Utah Department of Transportation, and private landowners.

The CWMA has had great success because they cooperatively work with the private landowners to help them control the spread of noxious weeds on their property. The CWMA also works on state and federal lands.

These agencies, groups, and individual landowners work toward the same goal across jurisdictional boundaries to control noxious weeds-wherever they occur. This facilitates a great partnership and synergy to work on a growing problem. If you have a problem with noxious weeds you are welcome to join the annual meeting.

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