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Burglars break into Burger King


Two burglars were caught on Jan. 21 just a couple minutes past midnight. They were in Green River and had broken the drive'through window at the Burger King and entered the building.

A call came into dispatch and reported they had heard glass breaking and saw a suspicious vehicle outside the Burger King. A burglary was in progress at the scene. Deputy Kay Jensen and Deputy Jeff Newland were changing shifts at the time so both reported to the scene of the crime. Deputy Kay Jensen approached the building from the south side entering the drive'up window from the wrong direction and he saw a suspect coming out of the window of the business.

Deputy Jensen was able to apprehend the suspect who turned out to be a 17 year old. The vehicle the two were in was parked behind the business. Deputy Newland apprehended the adult suspect. Both suspects were placed in custody and seated in the officer's cars. The suspects took food items and an undisclosed amount of cash was missing from the business, but not found on the suspects.

The Burger King with attached gas station called the Short Stop is located on the east side of Green River. The businesses had been closed for a couple of hours at the time of the break'in.

The two had entered the business through the drive'up window and rifled through items in the Burger King.

The other suspect was a 28 year old adult named Faron Johnson. Deputy Jensen transported both suspects from Green River. He took the juvenile to the juvenile detention center in Price and Johnson to the Emery County Detention Center.

Charges include burglary of a non'dwelling which is a third degree felony; misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor; intoxication and criminal mischief.

Deputy Jensen said the call which came into dispatch was the key to being able to apprehend these suspects. He appreciates the citizens who keep their eyes open for suspicious activities and then report it. "Don't be afraid to call. The sheriff's office is always happy to go out and check into things and in this case it led to two arrests. The numbers to call are 381'2404 and 381'2111. We encourage all citizens to be watchful and help take care of each other. That will help deter crime. The reporting caller was able to give a good description of the vehicle.

"It was helpful in this case also to have two officers respond. In Green River there is one deputy on duty and Sgt. Mitch Vetere is on call at all times. Sgt. Vetere came and helped us at the scene and Lt. Bob Blackburn came from Castle Dale and gathered the evidence.

"We would have discovered this crime within a couple of hours because I was starting my rounds around town, checking businesses. This call'in led to a quick arrest," said Deputy Jensen.

Sheriff Greg Funk said, "I am proud of our deputies work on this arrest. They responded quickly and were able to apprehend these burglars without incident. It was a team effort with the caller, deputies, dispatch and the back'up help they received in this case."

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