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Huntington City changes site for new fire station

Staff writer


After many months of going back and forth on the location of the proposed new Huntington City fire station, the city council has hopefully come to a final decision. After doing water and ground testing on each of the proposed sites, the council decided that the property located just south of Earl's Furniture and Appliance on Main Street should be the site. There are two parcels that would need to be acquired to be able to build here. The city council approved two business licenses for Lacey's Salon that is owned by Lacey Faimalo. The other is for San Rafael Country Adventures, owned by LaMar Guymon. This business will provide desert tours by different modes of transportation.

The city, after going in and out of a public hearing, approved the annexation of the Gunderson property into the city. This property is located east of the Desert Edge Christian Chapel on 500 South. This was the final step in a process that started months ago.

The mayor reported the city had replaced a city employee that moved from the area. Huntington resident Robert Baker will serve a dual purpose as both dog catcher and city maintenance employee. The interview committee, consisting of several councilmen and the mayor, chose Baker out of a long list of applicants.

Councilman Travis Larsen reported the city would be in great shape for this water year as the reservoirs are nearly 70 percent full before the runoff and that the runoff should be great if the snow year stopped right now. That doesn't appear likely.

Councilman Jeff Cowley reported the road from Huntington Canyon out to the lake is also going to be designated as part of the scenic byway and there may be grant money available to build a path from the lake to town. This proposed path might also be connected to other proposed paths in town.

The city zoning administrator reported there are several projects being worked on in town. It was reported that a home in town that had a fire several years ago would have to be brought partially down due to the compromising of the interior wood after being exposed to the elements all these years. The home has been inspected by engineers and deemed not capable of safely being used in the future in its current state. The next Huntington City meeting will be on March 16 at 6:30 p.m.

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