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Letters to the Editor: The cost of illegal immigrants

By Vicki Martin

Dear Editor,

The recent conference of community leaders discussing illegal immigration accented "mercy" toward 13-20 million lawbreakers requiring yearly $113 Billion in federal funds for health, education, incarceration plus $453 Million Utah tax funds for 150,000-200,000 Utah illegals ($660 per legal household).

Unskilled/uneducated illegals cost much more in welfare, health care, earned income tax credit, other "entitlements" than they'll ever contribute in taxes.

Overall U.S. unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent. Specifically: youth (16-24 years 52.2 percent), minority (black 15.5 percent, American Hispanic 12.4 percent), uneducated (11.2-15.5 percent), disabled (13.4 percent), veterans (Gulf-war-era 10.2 percent), paroled convicts (55-85 percent) bear the brunt of unjust competition from illegals for labor jobs.

"Compassionate" community leaders winking at foreigners breaking our laws engender multi-generational organized crime organizations as surely as speak-easy patrons brought on Mafia crimes. Individual Christians are required to forgive.

Gary Ceran forgave the illegal who DUI killed his wife and two children but government has obligations to keep citizenry safe and punish the criminal. U.S. law reflects biblical standards of due process, impartial justice, and prohibits torture.

Those demanding amnesty for illegals need to donate their private fortunes, time, talent to four star international charities on

This will be a blessing for unemployed Americans.

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