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Armed robbery in Green River at the Short Stop

Lance McMahan, suspect in an armed robbery in Green River.
Colton Fosburg, suspect in an armed robbery in Green River.


The Short Shop on the east side of Green River was the site for an armed robbery at 8:32 p.m. on March 8 . Two white males were in the store and one of them had purchased cigarettes showing the clerk a Kansas identification. The men were wearing black hoodies and carrying at least one handgun. They demanded money from the clerk and she gave them between $800-900. They left the Short Stop and headed west on I-70 in a 1990s model white Toyota vehicle.

At this point the robbery was called into the Emery County dispatch. Units were dispatched immediately to cover all of the highways in the Green River area including I-70 west and eastbound; the Grand County deputies covered the exits off I-70 heading eastbound and Carbon County deputies handled SR-6 and Wellington and the Price area.

It was the deputies on I-70 that located the vehicle. The deputies were in the Moore cut-off area. The suspect vehicle was stopped at MP 108 on westbound I-70. The responding deputies turned their lights on the vehicle and it pulled over. They conducted a felony stop. The suspects were ordered out of their vehicle one at a time with a loud speaker. The suspects responded one at a time and were taken into custody without further difficulty.

They were transported to the Emery County jail where they are awaiting charges from the Emery County Attorney's Office.

Deputies participating at the stop included: Shon Roper, Capt. Jeff Thomas, Garrett Conover and from Adult Probation and Parole was Wade Allinson. Other cooperating agencies included the Utah Highway Patrol, Carbon County units, Grand County units along with Wellington and Price City officers.

Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said, "I am happy with the way this incident turned out. Everything worked out, everyone functioned the way they needed to. I am pleased with the quality of our deputies. They were calling me and wanting to go out on this incident. They were all ready and willing to help and respond and the fugitives are now in custody."

The two men captured are: Colton Fosburg, DOB 9-26-91; Lance McMahan DOB 12-12-91. They are from Kansas.

The Short Stop in Green River was also the site of a break-in at the Burger King on Jan. 21.

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