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Bus stop in Green River nets drugs

Nico stands in front of the sacks of marijuana he found on the Greyhound bus in Green River.


Deputy Blake Gardner along with his drug dog, Nico were involved with a drug bust from the Greyhound bus passing through Green River. Green River is a designated stop for the Greyhound bus and from time to time the buses are searched for contraband. This search on March 10 proved to be fruitful as Deputy Gardner opened the luggage compartment on the side of the bus and allowed the dog to search. The dog indicated there was a suspicious bag among the luggage. The bag was removed from the bus. The owner of the bag was located on the bus. The owner would not allow a search of the bag. Deputy Gardner contacted Judge Steven Stream and a search warrant was obtained and executed.

The lock was cut off the suitcase and within the bag 14 pounds of marijuana was located. The suspect was then taken into custody and the marijuana was seized. In addition to the marijuana there was also $517 in suspected drug money which was seized as well. The marijuana was shrink wrapped in packages and then shrink wrapped within one large package which filled the suitcase.

The suspect indicated he was traveling from Las Vegas to Philadelphia. He had a Florida drivers license and was identified as Pedro Sabastro, DOB 5-16-1973.

Sabastro was reported to have purchased the marijuana in Las Vegas and was taking it back to Philadelphia where he estimated the street value to be approximately $20,000.

Sabastro was taken to the Emery County jail and booked with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Deputy Gardner said his dog Nico was just doing his job. Deputy Gardner said he is happy to be back out on the freeway where Nico can use his training. Deputy Gardner and Nico have kept up on alltraining and certifications, but they haven't been out on the freeway.

In January under the direction of Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk, Deputy Gardner resumed his duties on I-70. The highway patrol also works the I-70 corridor which is known to be a high drug trafficking area. Deputy Gardner assisted Sgt. Steve Salas from the UHP this week when they confiscated eight pounds of methamphetamine on I-70.

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