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Ribbon cuttings for new Huntington businesses: Healing Hands

Julie Jones and Mike McCandless hold the ribbon for Hilary Gordon as she officially opens her Healing Hands business with the help of her daughter Tammy, and grandchildren, Savannah, Lizbeth and Jaron; husband Brent lends his support.


Julie Jones and Mike McCandless from The Emery County Business Chamber held a ribbon cutting at Hilary Gordon's Healing Hands business at 131 East 400 North, Huntington. Hilary's husband, Brent her daughter, Tammy Oviatt and grandchildren were on hand to participate in the ribbon cutting.

Tai-Ye, is an ancient mode of healing that uses the body's meridians to correct the points that are out of balance. Tai-Ye sends universal energy deep into the body without the use of needles. Gordon has been attending The Alternative Healing College in Colorado for two years to learn this type of healing. Hilary said, "Before I could perform Tai-Ye on people, I first had to achieve a certain level of skills. "We also have in our business a Migun Massage bed that helps the body relax and assists the muscles. Hilary Gordon is in the process of finishing another course, from the Academy of Bio-Energetics, which will teach her how to test the body's weaknesses and recommend natural supplements to correct the problem. Anyone interested can contact Hilary Gordon at Healing Hands for an appointment by calling 749-2264.

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