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And Justice for All


The new courts building nears completion.

The work on the courts building at the new public safety complex is nearing completion. A walkthrough was held on Jan. 24 with the contractor, Sahara as well as the architect, electrician and county officials. The walkthrough aids the contractor in spotting any areas which need to be repaired or changed before the completed building is turned over to the new occupant.

The new building will house the justice court and the seventh district juvenile as well as adult courts. The drug court program, district court clerks, adult probation, guardian ad litem and the county attorney's office will also operate from the building.

The new building boasts two court rooms as well as a smaller court room where child custody hearings can take place. Judge Stan Truman explained, "When court is in session in the other two courtrooms then this smaller court room can be used for a child custody hearing. These hearings usually take place on short notice so it will be good to have a place to conduct hearings of this type. The room will also be used for a conference room and a court library. There are also rooms for the witnesses to wait before they are brought in to testify."

Stan Truman, justice courts judge and Paul Platt from the state courts look at the new courtroom.

Paul Platt is the representative for the state of Utah in the building.

He said, "It is a great building." Platt pointed out the extra space in the well area of the court room which allows for more council tables for district and juvenile officials. "We really needed a more state of the art facility, the county was out of space in the other court house building and now it will allow for remodeling to take place there to meet other needs in the county.

We expect to begin by March 10 with the installation of the computers in the new building."

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