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Castle Dale presents key to city

Castle Dale City presents the key to the city to the Lady Spartans state championship basketball team. Tayler Jewkes, Blayr Jeffs, Jessica Murray, Taylor Mann and Brooke Jensen.

Staff writer

"As you are aware, the girls basketball team from Emery High took the state championship in the 3A region. To honor them, Castle Dale City would like to make a resolution honoring them and give them the key to the city," said Mayor Neal Peacock.

Tayler Jewkes, Blayr Jeffs, Jessica Murray, Taylor Mann, and Brooke Jensen, along with Coach Steven Gordon, accepted the key to the city, and listened to the resolution Mayor Peacock read in their honor. The resolution proclaimed March 11, 2011, the team's day.

A public hearing was opened to receive input concerning changes to the animal control ordinance for the city. Mayor Peacock and Councilman Jeremy Jewkes have been working through the ordinance making wording changes and other small corrections. Mayor Peacock read each of the changes, along with the original wording and explained the reasoning behind the change.

One resident asked if the county commissioners were aware of the changes being made. Mayor Peacock informed the resident he has discussed the changes with Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth and she is OK with them. Another resident questioned the use of computer chips as identification for dogs. Councilman Jewkes explained the committee is still discussing the issue of rabies vaccination and licensing information being added to the chips and they have not come to any conclusions. The amendments were accepted by the city council.

Dr. Glen Jensen, from Emery Animal Health, asked the council to consider making a dog park somewhere in the city. "I know you are trying to improve things in Castle Dale, and I think a dog park would be a good thing for the town," said Dr. Jensen.

Jensen went on to explain the benefits of a dog park. He said the socialization of animals together is very helpful for them and their owners. He also said a park just for the dogs would go a long way to restricting dogs in areas where children play as this could potentially present safety and health concerns for the children.

"Dogs need their own space," Dr. Jensen said. "Successful dog parks are a great asset to a community." He suggested a location in Valley View subdivision where there is lawn already planted and the site is fenced. To start a dog park at that site, only a few items of agility equipment, along with bags and garbage cans would need to be purchased. Dr. Jensen added, "My staff and I would also like to hold free classes in the dog park. We would do obedience training and puppy classes."

Mayor Peacock stated he has had discussions with Dr. Jensen about this idea and he thinks it would be a good thing to think about. Mayor Peacock suggested the council give this idea study and consideration before beginning the process. "We will need to hold a public hearing and gather the public's comments and other information. We will try for May 12 for the public hearing and I would like the council to come to April's meeting prepared to give your ideas and suggestions," said Mayor Peacock.

Kerry Lake from the city planning and zoning reported they are working on the general plan for the city. Fire chief Richard Herring reported the burn window will be April 16-May 14. Burn permits can be downloaded from the city website and brought into City Hall prior to burning.

Council person Kollette Cologie reported the city Easter Egg hunt will be April 20 at 5 p.m. She also reported the Hope Coalition will be conducting a mock disaster at Emery High School on April 7 beginning at 8:15 a.m. It will be a staged traffic accident and is meant to show students the results of car wrecks.

Councilman Brad Giles reported he is working on the bids for the road repairs to be completed throughout the summer in the city.

The next city council meeting will be April 7 at 7 p.m. in city hall.

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