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Letters to the editor: Founding Fathers relied on God

By Sherry Phipps
Brigham City


I have recently been reading quotes from the founders of this nation. I have been impressed by their integrity and strong allegiance to God. They believed in self reliance and relied upon God to help them through times of trial and hardship. In our day do we seek help from our Divine Creator, or is our God and benefactor the Government?

I find it ironic that many who cry for a balanced budget amendment also want every handout the government offers. They ignore the fact that these handouts are unconstitutional. Every time an individual or community accepts government grants, it is another chain for future generations. Most grants have strings attached that lessen our freedoms and always increase debt.

I believe the Constitution of the United States to be an inspired document. Ignoring the principles therein puts our God-given rights in grave peril.

The fruit of government handouts is tyranny. The blessing of trusting in the Divine Creator is liberty.

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