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Letters to the editor: In response to recent letters

By Sylvia Nelson


I was glad to read the very good letters to the Editor in the Commentary of SunAd and the Progress from Alan J Peterson and Louis J Sansevero. (Tues, Mar. 15th issue).

I agree with both whole heartedly; they said what I feel much better than I could have. Also, Rick Shaw, Thank You, for all the information that you have given this area about the 477 Bill that flew through the Legislature way too fast. I feel that without your help, many people my age would not be able to stay informed. Yes, I can still read my SunAd and Emery County Progress, and you lay it out so we can understand it better. Thanks.

Even though I live in Emery County, I hope that you will still keep us up on what is happening about the water projects that could negatively affect Carbon County so badly if "we" (have family and friends this will affect) don't keep fighting to keep what is natural flow drainage. Emery County lost way too much a century ago to Sanpete; let's fight to keep it from happening again.

Water is so vital for quality of life and getting and keeping good jobs right here at home. More people should get involved and fight for water, before it is too late.

Like I heard last night from a speaker at a meeting I attended, "if a tsunami hits Green River and destroys the new nuclear power plant that would surely help, not hurt, our area, you will already be dead and won't have to worry about a melt down."....funny but true. Old, old nuclear plants in Japan...sad news of course from there; that should not be a factor in whether a new/soundly regulated plant gets built in Green River.

I am also a vocal advocate of our clean coal fired power plants. I tell everyone I meet about our beautiful blue skys, good jobs, regulations that are ongoing. If they want to see uncontrolled coal fired power plants...where much of our nations coal is shipped to...go to China or India.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

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