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Letter to the Editor: Some Thoughts on the Pending War


It seems that someone here needs to express some ideas regarding a possible war with Iraq. I have to assume that other people will think differently than I, but I would hope they will be open to someone else's way of thinking.

As far as I see/hear, our leaders have been pressed into waiting for the UN inspectors to be over before they go ahead with their plans to attack. I do not hear of any on-going efforts to work toward a peaceful resolution of what began in '91. And it does take patience.

Some things to consider:

1)War has never brought peace, but only more hatred and suffering. (Need examples?)

2)The CIA has said that Saddam would never use any weapons he may have as long as he is left alone.

3)We blame others for having "weapons of mass destruction" while we continue to hold them. In fact, Bush, when he came into office, withdrew from the ABM Treaty that we recently were disturbed about because North Korea said they withdrew from it.

4)We also continue to increase our "weapons of mass destruction."

5)Oil is a very likely probable reason behind the movement toward this war. Yet it is important for the health of all, that we move away from oil use. It is possible.

6)As funds are removed from human needs to make weapons and war, needy people anywhere are more lilkely to become restive to be heard, peaceably if possible, but with violence if they despair of peaceful means.

7)As citizens of the U.S. we have a responsibility to think and make our thoughts known to our leaders. It does make a difference. Even if it seems not to do so.

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