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ECBC Business Spotlight: Jones Ace Hardware

Pat Jones tells the history of Jones Ace Hardware in Castle Dale.

Pat Jones with Ace Hardware shared the story of his business at the recent Emery County Business Chamber luncheon. He said his great grandfather worked on the LDS temple in Salt Lake City. He stayed there in Salt Lake until its completion. After that he moved to Wellington. His grandfather started a trucking business. The family rented the Whitmore ranch and raised 60 acres of produce which they sold to mining camps in the region. They also grew watermelons. They made a good living and worked hard. His grandfather did all the weeding himself and there wasn't a weed on the whole plot.

He passed his work ethic on to his family. His grandfather started a thrashing business and a lot of his time was spent in Emery County. His grandmother was from Emery County. His grandfather ended up bringing the business to Main Street in Castle Dale. This was in 1936 and they were in the grain business and put in grain handling equipment. Others joined with the business including Jones' dad and uncle. They set up a steam roller which ground feed for cows.

Jones had three brothers, but of them, he was the only one interested in maintaining the family business. When he was just out of college, his dad had health problems and needed help with the business. Jones told his dad he would come back and help if he could put in a hardware store. They tore down an old building and put in a hardware store which has grown into what it is today as they have added several aspects to the original business.

Back then money was hard to come by, but the Helper Bank took a chance and helped with the funding of the business. Jones Ace Hardware was born.

"Our goal was to help our people get hardware here in Emery County. Back then you had to go to Price for everything and we wanted the people of Emery County to be able to shop in Emery County," said Jones.

Jones attributes the success of Ace Hardware to their service and their willingness to invest in Emery County and put their money back into their business. They have a service minded business that caters to the customer and seeing they are taken care of and that they find what they need in a friendly, clean environment. Jones also pointed out they have a liberal return policy for merchandise.

Jones Ace Hardware carries a wide variety of paint, gardening and plant needs, seeds, fishing and hunting supplies, electronics, hardware, appliances, plumbing, heating, electrical and other miscellaneous items. They also sell hunting and fishing licenses. They will mix paint to find the color you want and will offer advice on your home projects.

Jones is proud of his helpful, friendly staff and they want to be your hardware store.

He encourages everyone to come in to see what Jones Ace Hardware has to offer. Jones Ace Hardware is open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

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