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Letters to the editor: Bad behavior at program cause for concern

By Ramona Thomas
Salt Lake City

Dear Editor,

The total lack of consideration demonstrated by some of the people attending a recent elementary school program prompts this letter. Children jumping and banging on chairs, sliding back and forth on the floor, chasing around in circles, running in and out of the room---these behaviors not only are a huge annoyance to those who are attentively trying to appreciate the performance, but are an outright insult to those who have worked so hard and have so much time and effort invested in the performance, be it the instructors involved, or the performers themselves.

Pathetically, I have also witnessed similar behavior during chorus and band concerts, speech and drama performances, and civic programs, to my utter and complete dismay.

I understand that many parents like to include their entire family in such affairs, and I applaud such sentiment--so long as the parents are willing to take the responsibility to ensure that the children who accompany them stay in their seats and are quiet and non-disruptive. I realize that there are occasions in which a young child would need to leave to use the restroom, but if the parent would help the child take care of these things prior to leaving home these instances would be extremely rare.

Additionally, some parents in the audience seem to encourage the performers "mouthing" messages back and forth, either between a sibling and a child performing, or between the performer and the parent, which practice is also disruptive and inappropriate.

Elementary and secondary teachers, choir and band directors, dance and drama coaches---all personnel involved in putting on performances work incredibly hard in preparation for performances.

Please demonstrate appreciation for those who have worked so hard to organize and produce these programs--and be considerate of others in attendance. Be certain to act appropriately yourself, and, if you are not willing to make the effort to control your child\children--to keep them seated and quiet--please do not bring them with you.

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