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Buckhorn Archery Club - Right on Target

Staff Writer

Ready, Aim, Release! Competitors line up for the first round of the Buckhorn Archery Club's first shoot.

On Jan. 29, the Buckhorn Archery Club held their first shoot at the Emery Recreation Center in Castle Dale. This newly formed club, under the direction of Carl Sitterud, president, hosts archery enthusiasts from all over Emery and Carbon counties.

At the present time, the club has 84 members, six of which are women and 10 are young people aged 12 and up. Beginning at 6 p.m. on Wednesday nights for the next 10 weeks, the archers will compete for high scores for accuracy. The rounds are shot in groups of four on a team, but scoring is on an individual basis with handicaps being used so beginners are on a level playing field with the more experienced shooters. Each four person team shoots, to hone their skills with the bow and arrow. Many of the shooters are bow hunters looking to keep their aim sharp through the winter.

Other members of the board for this club are Tracy West, vice president and Brook Smith, treasurer. The club meets every week at two separate times to accommodate the large number of archers. They are also arranging for a time that archers can warm up and practice earlier in the day before a shoot.

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