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Emery County Historical Society Welcomes Collector and Author

Staff Writer

Steve Lacy, author and collector of Utah history.

The Emery County Historical Society held its monthly meeting on Jan. 23 at the Museum of the San Rafael. To begin the evening, Candy Price, Barbara Moore and Doris Walker entertained the crowd with musical numbers, Whispering Pines and Cowboy, You're Ridin' For a Fall.

Steve Lacy, the guest speaker for the program was introduced. Lacy was born in Dragerton and spent most of his youth in southern Utah. Lacy came to Emery County 30 years ago to be a teacher. His experiences here, along with the urging of Ina Lee Magnuson, Sam Singleton, Pearl Baker, Owen Price and Lindora Draper, inspired him to investigate the interesting history of the area.

This investigation sparked an interest that has continued to contribute to his busy, industrious life. Lacy has written numerous books about Utah historical events, collected over 60,000 historical photos and has the largest film collection of Utah history, including a film about Ferron Peach Days held in 1947. Lacy has also opened his own museum in Salt Lake and has been nominated for two Emmy Awards for his work on documentaries.

Bert Oman and JoAnn Behling of the Historical Society.

Lacy's museum in Salt Lake, Footprints of the Past, contains his extensive collection of historical items from movies and actual events. His collections have spurred friendships that have led to discoveries about Utah historical personages. Lacy has his own theories about what actually happened to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Lacy's theories include that Butch Cassidy spent a lot of time in Emery and Carbon counties and that both died old men, not in a shootout in South America. Lacy met Joyce Warner, Matt Warner's daughter, who told Lacy of Cassidy's visit to Carbon County in 1939 to visit with her father. Cassidy was using two aliases, Frank Ervin and Frank McMullin at that time. A newspaper report lists Frank McMullin's death on Mar. 16, 1943 in Johnny, Nev. while he was working for the railroad.

Lacy has been featured on the Great Centennial Road Tours with Craig Wirth.

The historical society will host their next meeting on Feb. 27.

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