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Huntington City moves forward with fire station plans

Sports writer

At the April Huntington City council meeting, the council continued following the necessary steps in the building of a new fire station by holding the required public hearing for the Municipal Building Authority for the intent of bonding for the new building. The city council did the necessary steps in approving moving forward.

Councilman Travis Larsen reported that the engineer, city personnel, fire chief and other concerned citizens, met and fine tuned the floor plan, location of building on the site, the exterior of the building and any other ideas brought up to make the building both beautiful and functional.

Mayor Hilary Gordon reported the purchase of the ground for the station is almost complete. The Oveson site is done and the Earl property is 90 percent complete with just the final paperwork holding up the purchase.

The city finally received a price on a piece of property located on Main Street and 400 North from UDOT and the council proceeded with the purchase of said piece of property. The city discussed future uses of the property from commercial uses to a welcoming park. Future discussions will be held.

The city will contract with Rocky Mountain Power for the addition of three new streetlights in town. These will be installed close to 560 W. 520 N., 155 N. 100 W. and 150 E. 300 S. The council also authorized a resolution to the power company to move a pole at the site of the new fire station.

Councilman Jerry Livingston reported that the sidewalk project for the season is almost complete. The low bidder was a company out of Lehi. Livingston was pleased by the professionalism of the crew and how quickly they got the job done.

Livingston also reported that the city employees are doing a good job of keeping the dump site clean and that the city residents are being responsible about putting all items in their proper location at the site.

Councilman Mark Justice reported that the city flowerpots will be filled the first Wednesday in May. He also reported that they have toured the old fire station in Orangeville and he leading the way for a future use of the current Huntington city fire station once the department moves to its new location.

It was also reported by Larsen that the snow pack in the mountains in better than average and that there will be no need for rationing of water this summer season. The reservoirs are dumping water now in anticipation of the spring run-off.

Councilman Julie Jones reported the annual Easter egg hunt was a success. Also two new business licenses were issued to JC Seal coats by Jordan Grange and Dog Grooming by Rosie Burgess.

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