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Recreation and Trails Projects

This spring, the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Ferron/Price Ranger District hopes to begin implementation of five recreation related projects. Several of the projects are expected to generate interest from both local and environmental communities. The following is a list of proposed actions relating to several recreation and trails related projects that are being proposed:

• Construction of a trail bridge over Ferron Creek at the Ferron Picnic Area. The purpose of the bridge is to reduce sedimentation into Ferron Creek by providing motorized and non-motorized trail access to the Black Dragon Trail.

• Fish Creek Trail re-route. Approximately one-half mile of the non-motorized Fish Creek National Recreation Trail would be re-routed to eliminate the need for three stream crossings that are poorly located and impacting riparian areas.

• Joes Valley low-water boat ramp. A boat ramp, parking area, and toilet facility, are being planned for the east side of Joes Valley Reservoir to provide

access to the lake during periods of low water when the existing boat ramp is unusable.

• George's Fork Road to trail conversion. To prevent unauthorized vehicle use and damage to Arapeen Trail # 72, the lower 1.1 miles of the George's Fork Road near Duck Fork Reservoir would be closed and converted to a motorized and non-motorized trail.

• Little's Creek Road to trail conversion. To reduce sedimentation into Joes Valley Reservoir and to relieve the financial burden of trying to maintain this corridor as a forest road, 5.6 miles of forest roads in the Little's Creek area above Blue Lake would be closed to full size vehicles and converted to a motorized and non-motorized trail

The District is currently soliciting public comments regarding these proposed actions. If you would like more information, have questions, or would like to make comments, please contact Bill Broadbear in Price at 435-637-2817 or Andrew Johnson in Ferron at 384-2372.

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