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Balloon release: Cleveland Elem. celebrates Mr. Clark

Cleveland Elementary principal Jerel Lofley leads the balloon release for Principal Ed Clark who passed away in January. All students in the school along with Ed Clark's family receive a balloon to release.

Cleveland Elementary met together with Principal Ed Clark's family recently to remember the Cleveland Elementary principal who died in January of this year. Tracy Clark spoke to the students and staff at the school. She expressed her appreciation for the needed support the students and faculty of Cleveland Elementary have been during the trying time at the death of her husband Ed Clark.

Clark was known for his kind and friendly manner with all the students in his school. Clark started his career with the Emery County School District in 1986 as a vocational teacher at San Rafael Junior High School, and then became the Supervisor of Vocational Education in 1992. He was then given the added assignment to be the principal at Cleveland Elementary in 2003. His career with the School District spanned 24.5 years.

Clark learned quickly to depend on the expert teachers and staff at the Cleveland Elementary school and became a strong force for improved academic success for the students at the school. In cooperation with the staff at the school he promoted the use of student achievement data to drive teaching and to work for increased student test scores the school recently being recognized with a national award for outstanding achievement in academic success. Mr. Clark knew each child by name, and cared deeply about every one of them.

Tracy Clark along with children: Morgan, Adam, Brian, Jeffery, James and Claire Mae, participated in the balloon release. All of the students, staff and teachers assembled on the lawn of the school where they released a balloon in Mr. Clark's memory.

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