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Scouts help move flower project along

Huntington pack 903 Webelos make flowers for the No Grave Unadorned Project. Keldan Guymon, sister Haley Guymon, Lyle Pierce, Brandon Smith and Allen Durrant.

The No Grave Unadorned project for Memorial Day in Carbon and Emery counties is moving along well. The flower count is jumping by leaps and bounds daily and starting on Saturday volunteers will begin putting the flowers on graves in preparation for Memorial Day.

But the project still needs more people to construct flowers.

"We not only need more people to make flowers but people to put flowers on graves across the two county area," said organizers.

The idea of the project is to be sure that no grave in either county goes undecorated for Memorial Day. Last year volunteers made enough flowers and donated enough time to place a flower on every grave that was not decorated in Carbon County. In the end more than 30,000 flowers were made. Then volunteers spent the week before the Memorial Day weekend putting flowers on graves to complete the project.

While the flowers made by volunteers are made of plastic, wood, glue and paperclips, many of the smaller grave yards around Carbon County that do not have regular care still have some of the flowers that were placed last year. Considering the wind and the heavy winter in some places, it is amazing they are still there and are in one piece. It is a testament to the volunteerism of the community and their dedication.

This year the goal is to make 42,000 flowers by the time all is said and done.

This project is also unique in the United States. It began with an idea here and while others have contacted us about the idea for their communities, as far as we know none have done anything similar.

The project also needs financial support. While each of the flowers does not cost much, added up the material list comes to quite a bill, so cash donations are requested from those who can contribute.

Many of the volunteers who make the flowers have said the project is one of the most fun things they have ever participated in. Placing them on graves is not only satisfying but interesting too. Last year many of the volunteers commented on how much they learned about our communities and how important the people who came before us in this place were to our daily lives here and now. It is a formidable project, but many hands make the load much lighter.

Joyce Guymon, Webelo scout leader said, "I think this is a great thing you are doing. It turned out to be a very successful den meeting. The boys enjoyed themselves putting the flowers together and we really appreciate you providing us with such a neat opportunity. Please let us know if and when we can help place them on the graves if that would be helpful."

Please volunteer or contribute by contacting Shayla Winder at 435 637-0732 or Tina at 435-381-2431.

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