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School district presents teacher of the year

Tricia Zwahlen accepts her award from school board president Laurel Johansen.

Patricia Zwahlen has been named the Emery County School District teacher of the year for 2010-11. She has been with the school district for 26 years with five years at Book Cliff Elementary in Green River and 21 years at Huntington Elementary where she currently teaches the sixth grade.

Zwahlen is a skilled and dedicated teacher and leader. She is a successful elementary teacher who is knowledgeable in the content areas she teaches and demonstrates skill in the teaching strategies she uses. She is highly motivated. She has a high level of enthusiasm. She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and is committed to the education profession and to the development of herself and those she works with at Huntington Elementary.

According to her peers, "Tricia is a teacher, faculty advisor, director and friend. She teaches with enthusiasm and with that enthusiasm leads her sixth grade students into doing exactly what she wants. Her students are eager for the privilege to participate in every activity. It is contagious. Every day we hear students say, 'Sixth graders get to have more fun. Sixth graders get to do more things.' Besides sharing her enthusiasm with her students she also shares it with the staff. She is one of the few who can get away with tormenting the principal. She has an infectious giggle and makes every day a great day."

The Emery School district congratulates Zwahlen on her achievements and for being named the teacher of the year.

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