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Orangeville City having a problem with vandalism

Orangeville City is having a problem with vandalism in the park. City officials would like to curb the problem by getting a notice out to those using our parks or driving by if they see something going on that is out of place to report it.

Some of the problems they are having are the locks are being cut off from the power boxes or power boxes broken into and destroyed, swings being cut off, smoking in the restrooms, making big messes in the restrooms, destroying roofs of the park buildings and pavilions, picnic tables being moved so kids can climb onto the roofs to skate off the building or similar activity, destoring the trees and bushes.

The city is asking parents to be alert while at the park in what is going on and report immediately when you see any of these things happening or destruction going on.

Remember this is your park and tax dollars that are being destroyed.

Please call the Sheriffs office or Orangeville City.

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