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Notice of Exchange Proposal

Crandall Canyon Monument
Land-for-Land Exchange

 Notice is hereby given that the Forest Service (FS), United States
Department of Agriculture, is considering an exchange of land with the
County of Emery, Utah under the authority of the General Exchange Act
of March 20, 1922 (16 USC 485) as amended; the Federal Land Policy and
Management Act of 1976 (43 USC 1716), as amended; and the Federal
Exchange Facilitation Act of 1988 (43 USC 1716(note)). The Forest
Service is interested in acquiring the non-Federal parcel and is
analyzing the proposal to determine if it is in the public interest. 
The lands under the jurisdiction of the FS that are being considered
for exchange are described as:  

Salt Lake Meridian, Emery County, Utah;
T. 16 S., R. 7 E., 
Sec. 6, a portion of Lot 7.
Containing 2.5 acres, more or less.

The non-Federal lands are described as: 

Salt Lake Meridian, Emery County, Utah;
T. 16 S., R. 7 E.,  
Sec. 15, more particularly described as follows:
That portion of the NW1/4NW1/4 lying westerly of State Route 31.
Containing 7.5 acres, more or less.

 Any or all of the above-described lands may be exchanged if the
values are equal. If the values are unequal, is understood the
exchange will occur on an equal value basis, and the County of Emery
will donate any additional non-Federal land to the U.S.

 The Federal lands have been segregated from appropriation under the
Public Land laws and mineral laws for a period not to exceed three
years from the date of April 11, 2011.

 Persons claiming such properties or having objections to this
proposed exchange must file their claims or objections with Harv
Forsgren, Regional Forester, Intermountain Region, 324 25th Street,
Ogden, Utah, 84401, within 45 days after the initial date of
publication of this Notice.
Published in the Emery County Progress May 24, 31, June 7 and 14,

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