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Castle Dale Elementary students read Mr. Worthen into a sundae

Students delight in making a mess out of Mr. Worthen.

Castle Dale Elementary students rose to the challenge of reading enough minutes to have a reward at the end of the school year. They spent the school year as book worms in a reading incentive program hosted by the school's PTA. For every 100 minutes read the book worm would earn another segment. It took the whole school year and by the end of the year the worm stretched around the entire school.

This much reading deserved a reward and Principal Ralph Worthen, good sport that he is agreed to be turned into a human sundae. Students were selected from each grade and took the opportunity to pile whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and caramel all over their principal. The final decoration was the cherry on top as a whole jar of cherries was dumped over his head.

Principal Worthen was excited to have this much reading completed this school year as reading is the foundation of a good education.

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