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Areas experience flooding; Swasey's campground closed

The Big Rock camping area along Huntington Creek is experiencing water flowing out of the river channel and through the campground due to a fallen tree in the creek diverting the already high water.

The Green River has peaked, at least that's what Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk is hoping. On Monday it was flowing 48,000 cfs and in 1984 the highest level reached was 48,300 cfs.

"The Green River has flooded a little bit of farmland and pastures. Two homes had to be riprapped and there has been water on the Green River golf course on holes four and five. Sandbagging efforts have taken place there as well. All and all we feel very fortunate. Since the peak this morning the river is running at 46,300 cfs," reported Sheriff Funk.

The Bureau of Land Management has closed the Swasey's Campground along the Green River due to high water. This is a popular camping spot and take out point for river runners. The county closed the road at the Stone house.

The Green River is considered at flood stage at 15 ft. and it's currently running at 16.5 ft. Boating is not closed on the river, but it's discouraged. There are no kayaks and no canoes recommended as the river continues to run at extremely high levels.

The BLM said there are very few open camp spots available on the Green River.

Most of them are flooded and river runners are camping on high ground above the river. Sand Wash a popular spot is flooded out and no camping available there.

If you have questions about river conditions contact Kathryn Lloyd at the BLM office in Price.

The Huntington Creek is flooding into some of the campgrounds along the river.

Exercise extreme caution around the rivers or stay away from swift flowing water entirely.

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