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Public meetings on land use bill

Emery County Public Lands Council will host public meetings at the following times and places for the purpose of advising Emery County residents and other stakeholders of the recommended land use plan and federal legislation. These meetings will be an opportunity to interact with lands council members, look at a map of the recommendation, and advise the Emery County Commission of any resource use conflicts in the proposal. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Meeting dates and places: Each meeting will be from 7 p.m-9 p.m. There will be a brief information statement at the beginning of the meeting and then the public can make comments. An updated version of the land use bill is available on the county website. Written comments will be accepted at the meeting.

June 22 Huntington Elementary (location tentative).

June 23 Ferron Multi Purpose Building.

June 29 Green River-John Wesley Powell Museum.

June 30-Old Courthouse, Castle Dale.

Any comments on the draft will be needed within the next two weeks.

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