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Elmo appoints new mayor to fill term

Ryan Jensen takes the oath of office as he becomes the mayor of Elmo.

Staff writer

The first item of business at the Elmo Town June meeting was the appointment of an interim mayor. No letters of interest were received. The council talked about possible appointees. Lavar Jensen, Clark Atwood and Ryan Jensen were considered. Brent Hadfield motioned that Ryan Jensen be appointed interim and the motion was approved. Mayor KirtRasmussen recently resigned due to a new church calling.

With this appointment the election in November will be for the mayor, two year term, one councilman for a two year term and two councilmen for four year terms. Delena Fish, town clerk will post a notice of councilman vacancy requesting letters of interest to be returned for the appointment of the vacant councilman position in the next regular meeting which is scheduled for July 6.

Fish administered the Oath of Office to Ryan Jensen.

The council entered a budget hearing where they accepted comments on the proposed 2012 budget and the amendment of the 2011 budget.

Fish reviewed the 2011 budget explaining that the fire department received several grants raising their income and expenditures to $19,873 and readjustments of funds between different funds resulting in a total budget of $406,312.92. (With out the carry over funds from Class C - the actual budget is $120,593.72). Proposed budget for 2012 of $367,610.75 (the actual budget without carryover Class C Road funds - $74,916).

Citizen concerns - Dallen Skelley stated he was present representing the Emery County Business Chamber. This is an organization that is starting in Emery County to support businesses. Their purpose is to increase awareness of county business and help growth. He is asking for a donation from Elmo Town. Stoney Jensen motioned that a donation of $150 be given and the amount was approved.

Brady Staples asked the council what actions they have taken with the rabbit farm next to his property. The council responded that his is the only complaint they have received. Other neighbors have been contacted and they haven't noticed an odor. They said a letter was sent in November requesting information on their compliance with the waste disposal. A response was received stating they have the 60 doe as approved in their initial request for time to find other accommodations and their progress in waste disposal had been hampered by the heavy rain. The council had requested a visit, but no response had been received. The council stated that they cannot single out one residence, if this is pursued further it must address other areas in the town that are in violation of the ordinance. The council stated they need to visit the resident to ensure they understand the rabbit farm. Fish is to write a letter stating they will visit the establishment on June 8.

Skelley also inquired about the drainage by his new home. Apparently it is well below the ground level. He is requesting that it be raised. Mayor Jensen stated that he would talk with former Mayor Rasmussen to see if there was a purpose that would preclude it from being raised. He would also take actions to check with Castle Valley Special Services to see if the drain could be raised.

The council discussed the proposed plans for thr road at the cemetery. The road needs to be measured. Hadfield and Stoney Jensen will meet to discuss the possible costs, measure and clarify exact projects. Hadfield motioned to spend $25,000 - $35,000 on the cemetery project and that amount was approved.

The council adopted the Volunteer Registration Form and Code of Conduct Forms.

Several complaints have been received on the weeds in the town. Stoney Jensen was appointed as supervisor and he will prepare a "to do" list for the town employee. The council made a motion to pay their bills.

Council attending: Ryan Jensen, Clark Atwood, Stoney Jensen, Brent Hadfield and Delena Fish. Citizens attending: Dallen Skelley, Brady and Kari Staples, ElRoy Mortensen, and Newspaper: Tina Oliver.

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