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Letter to the Editor: BLM Travel Plan for Swell

By Mark H. Williams
Castle Dale

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 3, the Bureau of Land Management finally released the travel plan for the Swell. I've taken a lot of time to study the plan and I want everyone in the county to know both the good news� and the bad news. Compared to the draft plan the Bureau of Land Management put out in 1996, the final plan is a huge improvement. It represents a big victory by multiple use interests over our well-funded extreme environmentalist "friends".

Does that mean the travel plan is perfect? No! In fact, the travel plan will close many popular roads and trails used by Emery County residents, including Junes Bottom, Short Canyon and Muddy River. It will close roads and some overlooks such as Calf Canyon and some in the Wedge area. The closure of the Pastures Road, Iron Wash and Saddle Horse Canyon will become final and permanent.

What will affect Emery County citizens the most is that many popular campsites will no longer be accessible by vehicle. Our tradition of camping in the desert is about to be drastically changed. Easterin' will never be the same! Family reunions could be a thing of the past.

It is very important that every Emery and Carbon county citizen take a look at the travel plan. Is your favorite road or campsite scheduled for closure? Find out soon, or it will be too late! The plan and a map is available on the internet at: or is available at the Bureau of Land Management office in Price.

All of the county libraries have a map as does the courthouse. Look the information over and form a list of your concerns to turn in to the Public Lands or GIS Office in the courthouse.

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