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Morgan Philpot visits county

Morgan Philpot, standing right, greets attendees at the Castle Dale City Park.

June 23, Morgan Philpot a former candidate for Congress was in Emery County at the City Park by the old Court House in Castle Dale to meet with politically interested residents. Philpot provided his guests a meal of barbecued chicken breasts, hamburgers, hot dogs, and baked beans. Jerry Stotler of Ferron took over the cooking. People came from all over Emery County to share the food and ask questions of Philpot.

Bill Dellos, Chairman of the Emery County Republican Party welcomed everyone. This event was promoted by the Emery County Republican Party.

Philpot discussed the financial problems of the nation with the group and had some suggestions for improving the economy. During the meeting, Philpot who has several children, demonstrated to the group his version of the proper way to hold a baby. The baby belonged to Angela Paskett from Ferron.

The participants at this barbecue had many political questions for Philpot and he provided well thought out answers. He brought with him his staff consisting of Toby Emery a political consultant and Cindie Quintana the owner of Media Relations. The staff helped Philpot prepare the meal.

At this time Philpot is not a candidate for Congress, however he soon may again be a candidate. Probably after the Legislature finishes the redistricting for the State of Utah.

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