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Joe's Valley reservoir spills

This jet ski operator gets a little close to the edge of the intake at Joe's Valley Reservoir.

Joe's Valley Dam has been spilling for a few weeks now and thousands of gallons of water have gone down the spillway and caused Cottonwood Creek to become a raging river. One brave person with his son on board his jet ski was seen venturing close to the spillway. Fortunately for him there were some barriers to prevent him from getting into the spillway.

Joe's Valley Reservoir was constructed between 1963-65. It is managed by the Emery Water Conservancy District. The height of the reservoir is 192 feet and the crest length is 740 feet. The reservoir holds 62,460 acre feet of water. The spillway can release 5,000 cfs and the outlet works 450 cfs.

Joe's Valley was originally built to store supplemental water for 18,775 acres. The reservoir now delivers water for agriculture, municipal and industrial uses including the power plant. The forest service manages the recreational use on the reservoir including fishing and boating.

The Division of Wildlife Resources has worked hard to remove chub from the reservoir. They have planted tiger muskie in the reservoir and they are beginning to see rapid growth of this species.

Boaters and fisherman are urged to use extreme caution with the high water conditions present at Joe's Valley as well as other reservoirs around the region. Stay away from the spillways at the reservoirs.

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