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Orangeville Daze honored citizen

Kenneth Cox, honored citizen at Orangeville Daze to be held July 18-23.

Orangeville Daze is happy to announce its honored citizen for the 24th of July celebration, Kenneth Cox. Cox has lived in Orangeville his entire life except for when he was serving his country.

His father passed away when he was a young man. He and his brothers always helped with the farming even to this day. He loves to be busy. He also loves to cook. He loves to be outdoors and work in his yard and garden.

Cox married Geneal Larsen from Castle Dale in 1946. Kenneth and Geneal are the parents of three children; Stephen and Camme Cox of Provo, Joe and Cherie Starr of Salt Lake and Brad and GeriLyn Reed of Orangeville. Kenneth has three brothers and three sisters, two of which are still living. One lives in Castle Dale and one in Orem. He also has a sister-in-law living in Richfield.

The Coxes have been blessed with 11 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren with two more on the way.

Geneal passed away 10 years ago and suffered from a stroke before her death. Kenneth devotedly spent his time caring for Geneal at home during her illness. He has served as a bishop of Orangeville and was the branch president for the correctional facility for eight years.

His children said, "He has always been a good dad and we love him. He is a kind, loving and good man."

Orangeville is pleased to have wonderful people in their community like Kenneth Cox.

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