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Huntington City discusses dumpster problems

Sports writer

The Huntington City dumpster site was a hot topic of discussion at the July city council meeting. The city maintains three dumpsters just north of the ball complex in Huntington for the convenience of the residents in Huntington. Emery Sanitation dumps these dumpsters twice a week. This site was opened so that city residents could clean up their yards without making the trip to the county dump.

The first problem is that a few users are illegally dumping tires, concrete, appliances and other prohibited items listed at the dump. The second problem is that some people are not using the dumpsters but instead are dumping on the ground. The third problem is that if the facility is closed, people are dumping in areas surrounding ground instead of taking it back home with them.

After looking at any and all resolutions to the above problems, the city decided that there were only two possible solutions. The first solution would be to close the facility entirely and force every one to travel to the Castle Dale site. The second solution would be to man the dump during hours of operation to enforce the rules for use of the facility. This solution would force the city to hire an additional employee. This action would cost each city residence an extra dollar or two a month on their utility bill.

The city is now conducting a survey to gage the reaction of city residents to the above proposals. Residents are asked to go into city hall and register their input.

The city council then discussed the city recreation plan and the upgrades that are being considered for Huntington City. The city built a new announcers stand this season and are considering new spectator stands because the current ones are in a state of disrepair that will require action soon.

The city park is being considered as well. A water fountain is being looked at in the park along with a pond. It was evident at the just concluded celebration that the restroom facility at the park is severely out of date and inadequate. It is thought that new restrooms and a new concession stand are needed.

The third area being looked at is Greens Grove, city owned property located at Center Street and 400 East. The city has 50 acres here and they looking at developing this location into a park that would include walking trails, a disc golf course, restrooms, water features, overnight camping areas, tent camping areas, horseshoe pits and other recreational sites as deemed appropriate.

The last area the city would tie into this plan would be more development of the city cemetery.

The Mayor reported on the new rodeo announcer's stand that the users really liked it and that it was nice to have a safe facility to use. The Mayor also reported that she had a lot of reports and thank yous for how good the fireworks at the conclusion of Heritage Days were. Heritage Days was a huge success as the parks location was filled most of the day. The Mayor thanked the city council for their support and contributions to the celebrations.

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