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Pioneer celebrations - Emery, Cleveland and Orangeville

Shaun and Kris Bell along with Lowell Morris cut up the pig.

Orangeville Days began July 18 with a swim night and Hawaiian Luau held at the Emery County Aquatic Center in Castle Dale. There was free swimming for everyone. Shaun and Kris Bell were in charge of the Luau. Orangeville City furnished two large roast pigs wrapped in foil and held to gather with chicken wire. Lane Justice and his boys roasted the pig.

Many Orangeville residents were called on to donate the very tasty potato salad, and a great salad made up of spinach leaves and sliced strawberries with a sweet dressing. Large sheet cakes were on hand for dessert.

The Luau however only cost $2 per person. Mayor Pat Jones cooked hot dogs for those that did not want the roast pig. Hundreds of Orangeville residents came for the free swimming, the roast pig luau and the games following the meal.

There was a Hula Hoop contest for men and another for women. Dennis Tuttle was the winner of the Limbo contest. His prize was a Hawaiian hat.

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