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Vacation Bible Camp: Sail the seven seas

Editor Story

The Ferron Baptist church recently held a summer bible camp. Fourteen students from Bob Jones University in Greenville, S.C. came to the area to help with the school. They will put on bible camps in four places including: St. George, Tooele, Ferron and Kaysville. There are two groups of students who came west to help. They drove out in a van. Ethan Birney said, "It's been really beautiful out here, we're enjoying our time in Ferron."

The camp includes, bible study, crafts, games and activities and scripture memorization. The students also have snacks each day. They spend time at the Ferron park playing games.

Pastor Tim Lacock spent time each day with the campers to teach them a bible story. The camp was centered around the sea and the theme was, "Come Sail The Seven Seas during Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church." The campers learned new songs, listened to stories of people in different countries, made a craft each day, played games, met new friends, enjoyed snacks and a Bible lesson each day.

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